Bespoke Software Case Studies

Bespoke Software Case Studies
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Our latest case study can be found below;

Client: UK Homemaker

Business Software developed around your needs

Location: Greater Manchester
Sector: Pay Weekly Retail
Project type: Bespoke Software CRM Build
Tech used: HTML5, PHP, AJAX, Microsoft SQL Server

The Problem

UK Homemaker is a Pay Weekly company based in Greater Manchester. It has three offices with around 115 staff. They identified a number of issues that they were experiencing with their current CRM Provider. The issues identified were; inaccurate reporting, inability to connect to external applications, inability to provide live information to sales and collection agents.

The Solution

Following a considerable number of requirement gathering sessions as well as one-to-one interviews, we were able to understand the “pain points” of the employees, and also how we felt a new crm and mobile solution could help increase productivity and facilitate better cross-departmental collaboration both with onsite as well as offsite staff.

We introduced our main product in-tegrate suite product into their organisation and customised the development to their needs.  This gave UK Homemaker everything they needed to run their business as well as streamlined the business.  The solution developed for UK Homemaker gave them;

    1. Increase staff productivity due to streamlining many areas of their business saving over 160 hours of staff hours per week.
    2. Better Reporting, and increased productivity due to accurate reporting meaning that customer information was correct and reporting showing the correct financial figures
    3. Mobile access to the CRM for external staff meaning that information flowed seamlessly to external staff and updates could be received directly from mobile devices saving time.
    4. Mobile tracking enabling external staff to be monitored thoughout the day and customer records to be updated live at the location.
    5. Task system introduced allowing effective handling of customer queries
    6. Department task stats board enabling management to identify and issues or “clogs” in any department with a easy to see stats board.
    7. Delivery manager installed to enable effective management of deliveries
    8. Lead management introduced to manage leads effectively, all new customers being automatically diverted to the Area sales manager.
    9. System speed increased throughout the whole business and general connectivity improvements due to using one of our more powerful servers.
    10. 99.9% uptime with any system issues being resolved within 10 minutes maximum since in operation.

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