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For many years businesses have been relying on multiple packages to run their business as they find many out of the box platforms do not meet their business needs. This, in-turn, ends up in an inefficient business resulting in extra staff and more man hours.

In-tegrate can help your business to not only streamline your processes but cut staff and man hours.  Many day-to-day tasks can be streamlined and automated which reduces the staff and man hours that your business to run sufficiently.

In-tegrate, unlike our competitors like to get to know the ins and outs of your business. We will look at your processes and will build new systems to streamline your business. What give us an extra edge over our competitors is that this whole process is totally free to you!! Free Initial Consultation, Free business process assessments.

In-tegrate is CRM software like no other on the market. Our unique product caters for everything within your business, plus with our FREE Development program we can customise it to fit exactly to your requirements with no additional outlay or cost to you.  No hidden fees ever!!!

In-tegrate suite has many modules that can cater for your business, such as;

in-crm (core platform – CRM Software)

in-crm is the core crm software platform of the in-tegrate suite. in-crm is a customer relationship manager (CRM) with built in agreement/instalment manager. in-crm gives you everything you need to manage all your pre-sales customers right through to managing any contracts/agreements that they have with you. One simple platform giving you everything you need to manage both pre-sales as well as post-sales customers. Our CRM Software is a web based platform which is hosted on a 128bit security platform which is also locked to your ip addresses giving you total peace of mind as well as the ability to work from any location that you require, using any platform.



New leads are sent directly to your salesforce on a pattern set by your company from the CRM Software. Leads can be sent geographically and area zones can be set up for each of your sales staff



This module allows you to not only manage email/text campaigns but also allows you to track conversions so you can easily see how well a particular campaign is doing. This module also allows you to control automated emails to your customers as well as in-tegration into your website.


All customers with arrears currently showing on their account are automatically sent to your collections team. Work sent can be geotargetted to save on time and fuel.


Allows all your external sales/collections workforce to work from a mobile device such as an iPad, Tablet, Mobile, Laptop. New work is automatically sent to the device and the agent is able to update the customer record live. Each agent update is not only user, time, datestamped but also geo stamped ensuring that the customer has been visited.

in-warehouse & in-stock

Keep track of stock within your warehouse straight from the CRM Software, manage deliveries and quickly scan stock in and out of your depot. Allows you to quickly and easily manage your warehouse as well as your deliveries.


Allow your customers to log into an online account to track orders, place new orders as well as keep a record of payments. The portal is designed in your colours with your branding and not ours!!


A complete Document Management System in-tegrated into the CRM allowing you to store customer letters, delivery notes etc against the customer record.


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