Custom SAAS Benefits

Custom SAAS Benefits
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Custom SAAS Benefits

By becoming a subscriber to GoBespoke Software you will gain access to some amazing benefits. Custom SAAS will help you not only help you grow your business but increase your sales. As a SAAS Customer you will also have an increase in customer satisfaction and ultimately save you money.

As a subscriber to GoBespoke software you will have access to the following benefits;

  • Full professional Business Assessment;
    • Identify weaknesses in your business and put appropriate plans to strengthen your business using a SAAS Development.
    • Identify areas of improvement therefore day-to-day jobs can be automated saving you time and money.
    • Identify areas where you may be overpaying for third party contracts and help you save costs in these areas.
    • Identify business processes that can be improved and streamlined by using a Custom SAAS Development.
    • All the above areas, will be assessed and a plan put in place to improve these areas.  Many of which will be incorporated in the software development.
  • Custom Software (SAAS) Development built exclusively for your business.
    • Designed around your processes saving you time and money.
    • Streamline your processes making doing business easier then ever.
    • Automate many day-to-day tasks, saving many man hours and reducing staff costs.
  • Mobile Development built for your external staff and customers.
    • In addition to software being developed for your business, you also get access to mobile apps built exclusively for your business.
    • Enable Sales Staff and other External Staff  gain access to live data.
    • Feed live enquiries direct to your Sales Staff.
    • Keep track of your external staff, with live GPS monitoring.
    • Enable your customers to connect to their account from a mobile device.
  • Website Development.
    • If your business has not got a website, we can build your business a website without incurring any extra cost. For customers with their own website we can integrate your website directly into your SAAS development.
    • Enable you customers to connect online to their account.
    • Live catalogue of your products online.
    • Enable your customers to order and make payments online.
  • Payment Integration.
    • Enable your SAAS development to integrate directly into your payment solution;
      • Direct feed your payments into your software package – enabling live customer account information.
      • Take payments online either through your new development, through  mobile solution, or through your website.
  • Free Business Advice.
    • As a subscriber we will help your business every step of the way. We have over 25 years experience in business and can help your business whatever situation it is in.
    • Your account manager will visit your business* for regular reviews and to ensue that your business is running as optimum as it should.

We are not just a software (SAAS) development company, but like to understand your business so that we can better support you.  GoBespoke Software, aim to be a lifetime business partner and therefore we have set up our business so that we are a valued service to your business.

* Onsite visits depends on subscription rates and distance from our offices.


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